Culture Historical and Ecological Trail

The trail was established in the year 2002 and is intended to demonstrate you the cultural and ecological development of the Kellerwald region. It has a length of about 5 km. You can walk the route on mostly paved paths in about 1.5 to 2 hours. During your hike on the "Ökolehrpfad" you will learn a lot of the peculiarities of the old cultural landscape of the Schneewittchendorf Bergfreiheit, a former center of mining in the Kellerwald. You will see how closely today's design of nature is related to the work of humans.


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An old name of the Kellerwald was probably Köhlerwald, as the charcoal burner produced tons of charcoal for ore processing in the smelters in Kellerwald. At least since the Middle Ages, today's Kellerwald Nature Park has been intensively used. But there are also traces from the Celts time. The mine belongs to the Geopark GrenzWelten. During a guided tour of the old tunnels lasting about 25 minutes, you can gain insights into the hard working of the miners in the underground.


At altogether 17 stations you will find cultural and historical information on boards. So you learn something about "Bergregal", "Pingen", the "Bergfreiheiter wave" and much more. On a visit to the Snow White House in the center of the village you also learn a lot about the reference to the world-famous fairytale from the Brothers Grimm.


Schutzhütte                            Bergfreiheiter Welle                       Fledermausstollen                        Kunstgraben

Hiking around the Snow White Village: